4 May



Ron Weiss (MIT): Mammalian Synthetic Biology - Programmable Organoids and Cancer Immunotherapy



Hello SynBio friends! We are excited to let you know about our latest event! Ron Weiss will be talking about Mammalian Synthetic Biology: Programmable Organoids & Cancer Immunotherapy.

The talk is scheduled for 6 pm on May the Fourth (be with you).

Grab your ticket now while you can! Then tell all your friends to make them jealous.

A pioneer of synthetic biology, Ron has been involved in the field since he helped set up a wet-lab in the MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department as a graduate student. Now director of the MIT Synthetic Biology Center, his research encompasses the development of synthetic gene networks across a broad range of organisms.

Ron's talk will focus on recent advancements in his research on mammalian synthetic biology, specifically in the development of programmable organoids and in synthetic biology approaches for treating cancer. His talk will be followed by a Q&A session.