We're expanding our rep network!

We are looking for SynBioUK reps across the UK.

Our representative network has three main responsibilities:
1. Be the point of contact for people asking about SynBioUK at your institution.
2. Help promote our large events (approx 2-3 per year) by circulating our promotional material to relevant societies / mailing lists at your institution.
3. Let us know of any high profile SynBio events hosted at your institution that are open to the public.

If this sounds good to you, please consider applying!

Apply via the Google form below!


What are we looking for in a rep?

We are looking for an open person who is interested in SynBio. Most of our representatives are committee members at relevant societies at their home institution (e.g. Xavier Institute Biotech Society), or are on a SynBio related CDT/course.

Do I need to be a postgraduate student to be a rep?

No. While most of our committee members are PhD students, this is not a requirement and should not discourage you from applying.

How much work is being a SynBioUK rep?

Depending on how many people reach out to you, being a rep only requires 3-5 hours of commitment per year (including one scheduled group zoom meeting with all reps).

Can I commit more time to SynBioUK if I want?

Of course! We encourage our members to actively engage in the society. You can either attend some of our events, or help us organise the event you would love to see!

How is SynBioUK organised?

Our committee has three tiers: 1. Our representative network (maybe you!). This is the link between SynBioUK and member institutions. 2. Our supporting committee. The supporting committee helps out with specific tasks that require more hands on deck (e.g. organising the Journal Club). We will be recruiting more supporting committee members during the academic year. 3. Our steering committee. The steering committee plans what events we are going to commit to during the year and is responsible for the long term strategy of the society.

How will I (as a rep) be in contact with the steering committee?

We will communicate via Slack and E-mail. There are some hidden channels in our main slack just for committee members and reps that we will add you to (🤫).

I would like to apply for another committee position. Will being a rep improve my chances?

Yes! We recruit our committee members from the most engaged members in our community. Being a rep does not exclude you from holding another position.