Connecting and engaging students from diverse backgrounds to shape and grow the field of Synthetic Biology across the UK.

We are a student run network spread across the UK's top universities. From blogs to science spotlights, and workshops to community building events, our mission is to highlight exciting work in Synthetic Biology & spark connections in the field.

Core Values & Motivation

Creating Connections
Connecting students is in our DNA.

Bringing together individuals interested in growing and participating in Synthetic Biology research, startups, and industry is core to what we do. Our first initiative is the Events Calendar highlighting all SynBio-related online, in person, and hybrid events happening in the UK. Add to the calendar to get your event featured too!

Core Values & Motivation

Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity of voices in this field is vital.

With potential to catalyse development of new industries, as well as pose defining bioethical questions, having many voices heard is critical to the growth of Synthetic Biology. We believe increasing awareness, sharing knowledge, and increasing accessibility to the discipline will help create a more equitable future.

Core Values & Motivation

Ideation creates connections sparking innovation.

Synthetic Biology emerged from the convergence of computational concepts with biological systems understandings. As bioengineered ideas take shape in the form of tangible outputs, every industry ranging from materials to fashion to food and even carbon sources are being redesigned. Promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and sharing of ideas is where we see the biggest innovation possible.

Core Values & Motivation

Building a bio-based future is where it's at.

Adapting to our rapidly changing climate is the defining issue of our time. We believe synthetic biology can serve as an important tool in building a bio-based and circular economy, and act as a model for a more sustainable and greener future. Focusing on sustainable solutions to make a positive and long-lasting and self-perpetuating impact is one of our key motivations.

Core Values & Motivation

Biology is a medium: What will you design next?

With biology as a new medium to work with, synthetic biology allows for a new outlook in tackling challenges spanning local and global scales. Moonshot ideas start with unconventional convergences: we believe creativity is fundamental to the development of disruptive and impactful solutions.

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