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CyanoCapture: using algae to fight climate change

Mar 1, 2023
A spotlight on CyanoCapture's work using algae to remove carbon from the atmosphere
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Could bioluminescent bacteria be the next source of light?

Jan 11, 2023
A blog post featuring Glowee, a startup using bioluminescent bacteria to light up the world!
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The Google Maps of Microbial Fermentation Facilities: feat. Capacitor

Dec 20, 2022
An interview with Alex Jaffe, Product and Commercialization representative at Synonym.
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A dive into community, DAO's, and decentralised science at ValleyDAO

Dec 8, 2022
An interview with Morgan Richards, ValleyDAO Community and Communications Lead
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The science of breast milk microbiomes with BoobyBiome

Oct 6, 2022
An interview with Dr Lydia Mapstone, Dr Sioned Jones and Tara O'Driscoll, co-founders of BoobyBiome
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Reinventing the bio-notebook with Amytis

Sep 5, 2022
"Our workspace is more intuitive, reflecting the way the human brain thinks..." - Eva Steele, co-founder
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