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Our Team

Our team is structured in three tiers, based on current involvement: Our steering committee is the most active, and drives SynBioUK into the direction we want it to go. Our supporting committee actively co-organises certain events that need more hands on deck. Last but not least, our network of representatives keeps the committee informed of any SynBio events at their respective institution. They are also your first point of contact in case you need to communicate something to a committee member in person!

Current Steering Committee

Olivia Gallupova

Imperial College London

Giovanni Maddalena

University of Edinburgh

Hia Ming

Imperial College London

James Bayne

University of Oxford

Georg Wachter

Imperial College London

Current Supporting Committee

Moeez Khan

The Pirbright Institute
Journal Club Organiser

Maxim Karpov

King's College London
Journal Club Organiser

Current Representative Network

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