Could you commercialise your research?

Do you want to
learn how to build a start-up?

Learn the Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

If you're coming from a bio background, odds are that you're not an expert at how to build a company (yet!)

But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't be familiar with the basics. On Catalyse, you'll learn from the best

Connect across the UK

We've partnered with eight student clubs from six universities. In January and February you'll get a chance to meet other driven individuals both from your own uni and from others

Phase 1: Recruitment

Contact one of the participating student clubs from your university. Depending on your uni, they may be organising team formation sessions or some introductory talks for you to familiarise yourself with the programme

Phase 2: Development

Phase 2 takes place over 5 weeks from the 20th January until the 17th February

  • 1-hour core session from an investor, entrepreneur or accelerator on a fundamental aspect of start-up creation
  • Smaller advisory group session with a committee member of either SynBioUK or one of the university clubs. Here you can get a chance to discuss your personal goals for the programme and meet other members of the cohort
  • The opportunity to book office hours with a VC to discuss your business plan and roadmap

2021's Core sessions

Validate your idea

Tony Kulesa, PhD

Partner & Co-Founder

21st January: 18:00 GMT

  • Identify your customers
  • Revenue model
  • Market sizing

Structuring for Success

Nicola McConville


28th January: 18:00 GMT

  • Finding co-founders
  • Equity splitting
  • Legal: incorporation, IP

Product development

Stephen Chambers, PhD

Managing Director

4th February: 18:00 GMT

  • Agile start-up model
  • Inflection points and killer experiments
  • Go-to-market plan

Raising money

Hitesh Thakrar

Partner & Investor

11th February: 18:00 GMT

  • Why raise money?
  • Types of capital available
  • How much to raise and when

How to pitch

Isabel Fox

Managing Partner

18th February: 18:00 GMT

  • Telling a story
  • Building your deck
  • Pitching via video call

Demo Day

See 2021's Demo Day


  • Apply to pitch your company to our panel of judges from VCs across the UK, US and Europe

Phase 3: Build

If you're ready to take the next steps on your journey to turn your idea into a real company, we're here to help

Enter our Demo Day for a chance to win funding, lab space or legal support

We can also connect you with our network of investors, accelerators and incubators in the UK and abroad